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Loyal Cert is a well-known and internationally recognized certification body for certification of organisations, events, industrial systems, academic programs and research based publications and projects.
Our certification services cover a variety of industries and programs as follows:
-    Educational Events; Loyal Cert is a reliable and internationally recognized certification system for academic and organisational educational events. We certify and verify the quality and the reliability of your educational events to create more customer satisfaction and reliance in education.

-    Scientific Conferences, seminars and summits; Loyal Cert is an internationally recognized certification system by the majority of world-class universities, business schools and colleges for certification and validation of the reliability of the scientific conferences, ISI articles and other research based activities.

-    Organisational programs and systems; as a reliable and globally accepted certification system, Loyal Cert can enhance the reliability and liability of your organisational training programs for your staff.

-    Quality control systems;Loyal Cert is a well-known brand in QCS and TQM which certifies the reliability and the accuracy of the TQM and QC systems.

-    Training programs; Loyal Cert is internationally recognized certification body for private training programs and non-academic training programs conducted around the globe. Improve the liability and credit of your training programs with Loyal Cert.  
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